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Zwift Quads for the (Winter) Win!

We'll get around to how training on Zwift has myriad benefits, but first, it's relevant to point out that I took up Masters alpine ski racing two years ago at the age of 51. During the first year after I met my husband, I would go to watch him race and volunteer in different roles at the races we would travel to in our van. But if you grew up with a competitive spirit, you understand that it is pretty much engrained in your soul, and standing on the sidelines is not your thing. Are you with me?

This was my second season jumping into races here and there, making my way down the course—turn left, turn right, red, blue, red, blue—don't fall down was my mantra. I starting skiing at the age of three and grew up skiing in Colorado. I've always thought of myself as a pretty darn good skier, yet as I'm slowly progressing in the sport of ski racing—I wish I had grown up in the gates because I want to go faster and I want to win!


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