Let us assist you with the Zwift basics at KX3 Zwift University






Welcome to KX3 Zwift University

We can help you reach your goals. In order to maximize our structured workouts and training plans, we have listed a number of recommendations below to help you prepare as well as support you on your Zwift journey.

How do I sign up for Zwift?

First, you need to sign up for a Zwift membership.

On your Mac or PC, you can do this on the Zwift website. On a tablet or smartphone, you can download the Zwift app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and create your account.

You can sign up for a membership subscription (£12.99 / $14.99 per month) straight away or start a free seven-day trial.

If you’re using a computer or Apple TV to use Zwift, we also recommend downloading the Zwift Companion app from the App Store or Google Play onto your phone. This app puts a number of convenient features at your fingertips, such as changing the direction of your avatar, giving ride ons, and messaging other Zwifters.

The Zwift Companion app is also a great way of exploring and signing up for the many events that Zwift offers—such as group rides, group workouts, special events, charity rides, and races.


What equipment do I need for Zwift?

Now that you are ready to get started with Zwift, there are three basic things you need to start riding. Some of this might feel a bit overwhelming, but don't panic—we are here to assist!

Trainer - This is what holds your bike in place. In most cases, it will also give Zwift the info it needs to make you move in-game and connect you with the global Zwifters community!

Bike - Most road bikes will work with your Zwift set up.

Device - You will need a device such as a Mac or PC computer, iPad or Apple TV to run Zwift on and to view on screen. Zwift supports many choices of devices. 

To upgrade your Zwift experience, think about adding these items;


How do I join rides on Zwift?

This is essential! The Zwift Companion (ZC) app turns your mobile device into a remote control for Zwift and makes Zwifting more fun and social. While you can always jump in and ride anytime on Zwift, this is where you can sign up for workouts, rides, and races. When used alongside Zwift—the ZC app gives you a map view and the ability to chat, make U-turns, interact with Zwifters, and many other features. The app is available here: Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

A few of our favorite rides include:

Monday - Mindset Monday with Natalia Franco, Canyon Ranch Group Ride with Mari Holden, Tuesday - KX3 Structured Workout with Kristin Armstrong (of course :)  and Thursday - TWENTY24 The Road to Tokyo - featuring Olympic guests through the Tokyo Games! 


How do I race on Zwift? 

Racing on Zwift is as easy as joining any other event or group ride on the calendar—you simply choose a race from the events list, choose which category you want to compete in and sign up.

Categories for racing are based on Functional Threshold Power (FTP), in watts per kilogram (w/kg):

  • A = 4.0 w/kg and above
  • B = 3.2–3.9 w/kg
  • C = 2.5–3.1 w/kg
  • D = 2.4 w/kg and below

If you don’t know your FTP, you can use one of the FTP tests available on Zwift’s Workouts page. Oh yes... be ready for the famous Zwift starts—fast + furious! 

It's a good idea to register on Zwift Power. Here you can check race results and performance information, such as race and segment times, personal bests, rankings, riding and in-game data.   It's also a great way to keep track of your personal best performances. 


Coaching Plans for Zwift 

KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching (KX3) is here to help you gain confidence, strength, and performance on the bike. Whether you’re just getting started and need guidance for indoor or outdoor cycling, or looking to take your cycling to the next level—we want to keep it fun and help provide a blueprint for you to identify, outline, and map to the outcomes you’re aiming for.

Our coaching system is designed for anyone looking for structure, accountability, and most of all, fun! Through quality workouts designed with intention, as well as the integration of community and special guest rider engagement, KX3 is your kickstart to improved fitness and results!


What is Zwift? 

Zwift is an online multiplayer training tool and game, which allows users to ride on a series of courses with and against other riders from around the world. Ride virtual roads, enjoy structured workouts, or take part in social group rides. The at-home training game connects cyclists around the world, and allows you to train, ride, and compete from home!

The membership cost to use the Zwift app is $14.99 per month.