KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching Co-Founders

Kristin Armstrong

Kristin Armstrong is the most decorated U.S. women’s cyclist of all time and the best time trialist in the sport’s history. She is a three-time Olympic gold medalist, two-time World Champion and has won six U.S. National Championships. Kristin is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, public speaker, and cycling coach for high performance athletes at the world-class level—to athletes riding and training recreationally on Zwift—to those time-strapped cyclists looking for efficiency and effectiveness in their training. Kristin graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, and is committed to moving the dial on community health through initiatives like KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching. She is married to Joe Savola and they have a ten-year old son, Lucas. Kristin and her family continue to reside in Boise, Idaho where she is working on her autobiography.

Nicola Cranmer 

Nicola’s experience as a professional mountain biker was pivotal to founding a Women’s Professional Cycling Team in 2004.  As TWENTY24’s General Manager and owner, her role includes operations and staff management, sponsor acquisition and support as well as athlete recruitment and development. The team spans, road, gravel, mountain track and eSports. Her reputation is built on her Olympic training focus and medal results from London and leading to Tokyo. Nicola serves on the UCI Track committee of USA Cycling and has been honored for her junior and women’s athlete development. 

She has produced UCI cycling events including the UCI Chrono Kristin Armstrong, served on the El Tour de Tucson Advisory Board. Nicola is co-founder of Pace Ranch, the Tucson, Arizona endurance athlete center, where she develops and implements events, curates VIP and high-performance programs.


Heather Foster

A self-confessed solar-powered cycling fanatic, Heather has brought her passion for community, recreation, healthy lifestyle, and doing good for others to light through her work with the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, Medalist Sports, the Exergy Tour Ladies Pro Cycling Stage Race, St. Luke's Health System, Special Olympics International, UCI Chrono Kristin Armstrong, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation, and the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Heather currently serves as the Director of Strategic Communications and Development at the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation.

Her experience working with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and world-class sporting events has focused on engaging people through their love of sport, and creating quality, meaningful, and impactful experiences for all participants. Since childhood, Heather has always turned to sport as a means to feel stronger both physically and mentally. After racing triathlon for 15 years and then sustaining back and knee injuries during a venture into crossfit-style training, Heather turned to cycling as her means of rehabilitation and has never looked back. She has reaped the benefits of structured coaching and training through her own pursuits in road cycling and gravel biking, and swears by the opportunity to ride all winter on Zwift from her garage-based ‘gain cave’ in Hailey, Idaho.

What is a cyclist? 
Cy·clist /ˈsīkləst/ A person who rides a bicycle.

But from our point of view, a cyclist is so much more than that. A cyclist appreciates the true power of what rolling along on two wheels, or pedaling in that perfect cadence, can bring to our body, our mind, even our psyche. And the best part may be that our appreciation varies each and every time we go for a ride. Our bicycle is our catalyst to physical and mental well-being.

Strength. Solitude. Fitness. Friendship. Movement. Happiness. Freedom. Relief. Adventure. Accomplishment. Victory. And so much more...