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“This idea is more than 10 years in the making, and I’ve finally teamed up with two women I trust implicitly, to bring our collective passion, knowledge, and experience in the world of cycling to women of all ages and abilities through our new group coaching platform,” said Kristin Armstrong, co-founder of KX3 Lifestyle + Coaching. “Cycling has brought so much to our lives personally and professionally, and through KX3 we’ll deliver more than just training plans—we’re looking to grow a trusted community created by women for women, where we can turn for connection, ideas, helpful and educational content, and opportunities to serve as mentors—and mentees.”

Whether you’re just getting started and need guidance for indoor or outdoor cycling, or you’re looking to take your cycling to the next level as a junior athlete, recreational cyclist, stay at home mom, time-strapped executive, or otherwise, KX3 provides a blueprint for members to identify, outline, and map to personal outcomes and individual goals. The KX3 group coaching format offers the feeling and support of a team or community to learn and grow together through shared experiences, challenges, and successes, while also providing easy-to-follow structure, accountability, and most importantly fun! 

Armstrong’s two founding partners in KX3, Nicola Cranmer and Heather Hill-Foster, are long-time cyclists and bring extensive and varied experience and expertise in the world of cycling to the executive team. While Armstrong is recognized internationally at the highest performing level in the sport as an athlete, coach, and team director, Cranmer and Hill-Foster offer balance and a broad perspective to ensure the company’s strategy and execution remain relatable to women at every level in cycling.

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